Ensuring student success is everyone’s job:

schools, parents, communities.

“At Communities In Schools, we work with everyone to change the picture of education for nearly 1.5 million kids every year.We do this by (1) keeping kids in school, (2) doing whatever it takes to eliminate barriers and (3) never giving up, on anyone.”

Who We Are

As a local affiliate of Communities In Schools, we work hand in hand with schools, communities and families to surround our students with a caring network of support to help them stay in school and succeed in life. We have nearly 41,000 volunteers on the ground, working in more than 2,400 K-12 public schools in the most challenged communities in 25 states and the District of Columbia, serving nearly 1.5 million young people and their families every year.

Link to Communities In Schools National – www.communitiesinschools.org

How We Do What We Do

Communities In Schools trains and places highly qualified site coordinators and supporting staff directly into schools. Once there, our job is to connect students and their families to basic and critical community resources, tailored to each student’s specific needs. By providing students with a one- on-one relationship with a caring adult, we create a safe place to learn and grow, a healthy start to a healthy future, a path toward marketable skills upon graduation and a chance to give back to peers and the community. As a result, Communities In Schools has become the nation’s largest and most effective dropout prevention organization and the only one proven to both decrease dropout rates and increase graduation rates.